How do you all, as parents, feel about the safety of in-person learning?

Every family must balance the the academic, social and emotional benefits associated with returning their children to schools against the risks of COVID-19. Some students and their families will handle remote learning well.. For other children, the physical and mental harm of the remote setting outweighs the COVID-19 related risks at school.

I don't want my child to go back to school. Why do you insist schools should reopen?

We want students to have the option to go back. Students comfortable in a remote setting should be able to remain in that setting.

What about concerns around the health of our teachers, particularly those who are older or have conditions that make them more vulnerable?

We’re advocating for schools to be declared an essential service, so that the State, the districts and everyone in the community is aligned on which services should be prioritized This will also help ensure our educators receive all the PPE and other necessary supplies needed to be safe.

The experience of other countries shows it is possible to reopen schools safely for children and educators. We should look to those examples, as well as medical personnel in our hospitals, as guideposts for how to re-open safely.

School districts have stated they will follow state and local department of health guidelines, working in conjunction with the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. Why shouldn’t we continue to adhere to that process?

The state and the county have opened up almost every aspect of the society except for school. It is scientifically unjustified and morally wrong to continue asking our young to be the ones to sacrifice and shoulder the burden of the pandemic.

The district has been planning over summer for both remote and in-person with the capability to switch from one to the other. In-person option was put on hold due to high numbers due to other activities. It is essential that schools take now priority.

Should we be concerned that students might transmit COVID-19 to family members, particularly older relatives or those with weakened immune systems?

Every family must balance the upsides associated with returning their children to schools and their parents returning to work against the risks of transmitting COVID-19. We believe it is wrong to continue asking our young to be the ones to carry the burden of this pandemic. Children and their education should be our first priority.That’s why we should provide an in-person learning option to those who want it.

What if opening now would increase the numbers and force to close again?

School setting is not a key driver of the spread of COVID-19 among students and the community at large. Observational data suggest that re-opening schools has not been associated with significant increases in community transmission.